Bridging city, sea and community

Nicolinehus is a new destination at the heart of Aarhus Ø. With housing, shopping, restaurants and long range of experiences right in the middle of the city’s pulse and waves of the sea.

A new destination at the heart of Aarhus Ø.

The Nicolinehus website introduces you to a new housing development project that bridges Eastern and Central Aarhus. It’s as much an expression of life as a building, bringing people together.

Inspired by the old blocks of the inner city.

A mixture of unqiue a block structure and the staggered surfaces of the terraced landscape creates a visionary piece of architecture - open, vibrant, with lots of views, where life lives on patios, roof gardens and balconies.

Design Parameters

Concept development aheard to four, focused parameters: Aesthetic & Function, Organic & Dynamic, Past & Present, and finally, City – Sea – Life. Hight quality images, video, and animated transitions brought Nicolinehus digitally to life.

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