Start your pension on the right track

MP Pension embrace digitalization bringing their members and services closer together. We collaborated with them to build a unique onboarding experience and implement a Design System based process, allowing them to easily evolve their digital presence as they unravel new insights.

Setting you up for life.

New members are typically unaware of the importance of adapting their pension scheme to long-term plans. Our assignment was to educate and guide members to a comfortable future.

A tale of two halfs

To enable members to ponder their futures and possibilities, the experience is split in two with guidance and recommendations on the left-hand side and member specific information on the right.

Build, Sense & Respond

We took part of the onboarding concept and built a library of design components to be used as building bricks to quickly contruct, test and evolve their digital product.

A face lift

The design components were then applied to a re-design of MP Pension's website and login area.

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