Culture, people and manifesto.

Great work comes from happy people.


We only do digital

Tall or small, we’re ready to help you with Project management, Concept development, Process planning, Strategy, Visual design, User Experience and Development to build your digital product or service. That’s it - no posters!

Teams of experts

The right human assets are essential for creating a successful  product. We don’t have a static structure and assign right team for every task, based on type, needs and purpose.

We diagnose before we prescribe

One step back is two forward. We’ll challenge our clients worldview and prioritise goals above aesthetics and preferred platforms. What are the symptoms?

Faith in the process

There’s no saying where we’ll end up, as great products are shaped in the process. We find our way together, in close collaboration with our clients, time and focus.

Will you be ours?

We love long term relationships. Great products are constantly evolving and changing along with user feedback, changing markets and new trends - just like us. That requires forward thinking, planning beyond the launch and a close relation between the people involved.


Our human assets of designers, developers, directors and producers.
Jesper Balzer
Managing Director
Louise van der Zee
Simone Bager
Kenneth Jensen
Design Director
Jakob Skov
Front-End Developer
Mads Brodt Nielsen
Front-End Developer
Sophie Lindhardt
Assistant Producer


We’re always open to expand our team and we look for drive, personality and portfolio before grades and long resumes. Otherwise head over to our Careers section.

Current openings